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Agnes Jayne   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Agnes Jayne began her career as a political writer, producing speeches and other government documents for local politicians. A native of Northern New York, she holds a Master’s Degree in English from the State University of New York at Albany and an undergraduate degree in English and Political Science from Binghamton University. When she’s not writing, she spends her time teaching courses in composition and literature. She lives high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia with her husband, son, and many adopted pets.

amazon_logoPremonition released October 30, 2015 – Emily Von Peer hopes she never meets the man of her dreams.

Anthony Marchese   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Anthony Marchese is a writer and actor currently employed as a childcare worker and living in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. He is a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month for the panhandle, and have been for the last three years. He is hoping soon to break into the science fiction market.

You can find his short story Deviations in the Phantaxis magazine December 2016 issue.

Becky Muth   web_icon  twitter_icon2  facebook_icon

Becky Muth writes cozy mysteries and historical/paranormal fiction. She is the winner of Morning Rain Publishing’s 2014 Freaky Flash Fiction award and was a finalist in Gotham Writers Workshop’s 2014 A Very Short Story Contest.

amazon_logoScreaming Jenny: a Haunted Women of the Appalachians tale  – a novella – Vanessa and Nick are en route to Washington, D.C. to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, but their differences threaten to ruin the weekend before it has a chance to begin. When an accident further up the tracks leaves their train temporarily stranded in Harpers Ferry National Park, a chance meeting with the town’s most iconic resident offers insight into a bit of local history.

Erin Ewer   web_icon  twitter_icon2  facebook_icon

Erin Ewer is a fantasy author and illustrator. After graduating from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2008 with a major in Illustration, she spent several years sharing her love of fantasy through art. Encouraged by fans she decided to try her hand at the written word and published her first novel “The Lord of Shadows” in 2013. Since developing a love of writing, she focuses on fantasy and fairy tales, aspiring to bring new worlds to life through prose and imagery.

She lives in Charles Town, WV, where she spends her days working as a freelance illustrator, tending her garden, and enjoying the company of her family and pets.

You can find her art at www.liquidfae.com and her writing at www.erinewerbooks.com. She is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, and Patreon under “LiquidFaeStudios”.

J. McCoard   web_icon  twitter_icon2  facebook_icon

With an imagination for fantasy and science fiction since a young age J. McCoard has embedded herself in technology, problem-solving and out-of-the-box ideas. She continues to use these elements in her stories telling to help engage a sense of wonder. She enjoys reading, improving her skills, and helping others grow in theirs. Her first publication was a short story titled Plastic Doll Pageant with Phantaxis magazine in their January 2017 issue.

Jarod Muth   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Jarod Muth discovered Agatha Christie in his early teens and soon became a fan of characters like Hercule Poirot. Although his writing is diverse, he prefers classic crime fiction in the vein of the Golden Age of detective stories.

Joyce Matthews Hampton

Joyce Matthews Hampton is a public school teacher, wife, and mother. She writes memoirs and heartfelt fiction inspired by true stories.

Mary Decker   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Mary Decker is your typical bass playing-historical reenactor-computer geek-science nerd-artist-type, which is to say, not very typical at all. She wrote her first bit of fiction at the tender age of seven and has been writing ever since.

Mk Rath   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Nerdfighter, Potterhead, Trekkie, Whovian, Bibliophile, Disney Princess, Garden-variety nerd. Mk Rath is not particularly fashionable. She mostly lives in hoodies, jeans, and Chucks. But does paint her nails frequently.  She has a significant dependency on caffeine and drinks a lot.

Zack Clopton   web_icon  twitter_icon2

Zack Clopton works on writing for his film-related musings and as an amateur film-critic, scholar, and screenwriter.

amazon_logoLast of the Monster Kids – A vicious killer stalks a peaceful, suburban town.

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